Terms and Conditions

According to Malaysia Tourism Industry Act, 1992


a. Inbound   : A maximum 50% of the tour fare per person must be paid as  reservation  fee/deposit. Balance or full payment must be made within 30  Days before  the date of departure. Deposit may vary on any travel fair  promotion.

b. A failure to comply with this requirement may result in the cancellation of reservation and forfeiture of deposit

c. Deposit amount may vary especially during travel fair like Matta Fair or any related travel fair and exhibition.

d.  All tours are Ground Arrangement only which is private tour  otherwise  stated Group Tour/Group Trip Departure or Seat In Coach (SIC)


a. For Free Independent Traveller (FIT) Tour Packages
i.  Upon confirmation of the tour any subsequent change made to the   reservation is subject to an amendment charge of RM50.00 per person per   change.
ii. No change can be made within 8 working days before the date of departure.
iii.  Changing the entire reservation constitutes a cancellation of the   original reservation and is subject to cancellation charges as defined   in the cancellation policy

b. For Group Tour Packages
i. Upon confirmation of the tour no changes can be made to the reservation within 14 days before the date of departure.
ii.  However, any request from any member for any change to come back   earlier or later than the group will be subject to the conditions of  the  respective airlines.
iii. Changing the entire reservation constitutes a cancellation of the original reservation.


a. For FIT Tour Packages
i. All deposits payment during Travel Fair, Trade Fair and any travel related exhibition is non refundable
ii. all deposits are non refundable for any cancellation received (Subject to hotel and travel suppliers terms and conditions)
iii.  if notice of the cancellation is received 30 days or less before  the  date of departure the following charges will apply (Subject to  Hotel and  travel supplier terms and condition):

  • 30 working days or more before departure 50% of tour fare   
  • ​29 working days or less before departure ​100% of tour fare   

 ​iv. The respective airline's  cancellation policy  on special promotional fare shall apply in addition  to the cancellation  charges as set out in clause 3.a

v. All cancellation on air tickets are subject to Airline Term and Conditions.

b. For Group Tour Packages
i. All deposits payment during Travel Fair, Trade Fair and any travel related exhibition is non-refundable.
ii. Cancellation of booking must be made in writing to  avoid any  misunderstanding. All deposits payment are non-refundable and  subject  to Hotel and travel supplier terms and conditions.
iii. If notice of the cancellation is received 45 days or less before the date of departure the following charges will apply:- 

  • 30 working days or more before departure 50% of tour fare   
  • 29 working days or less before departure ​100% of tour fare 

iv. If notice of the cancellation is  received 44  days or less before the date of departure the following  charges will  apply (Subject to Hotel and ground supplier terms and  condition):-
- Cancellation Received, Cancellation Charges Per Person

  •  22-44 working days before departure Forfeiture of tour deposit   
  • 15-21 working days before departure 35% of tour fare
  • ​08-14 working days before departure 50% of tour fare
  • 03-07 working days before departure ​75% of tour fare
  • 02 working days or less before departure ​100% of tour fare   

- The respective airline's cancellation  policy  on special promotional fare shall apply in addition to the  cancellation  charges as set out in clause 3.a.


a. FIT Tour and Group Tour Packages
i.  The company reserves the right to cancel the four due to any act of   god, war, strike, riot or order from the Government of Malaysia which  is  beyond its control.
ii. The company shall recommend alternative  tours preferably to the  same destination or other tours. Should any  passenger decide not to  accept the alternative tours, all moneys paid  less the administrative  fee chargeable will be refunded to the  passenger.
iii. In the event of a cancellation by the company due to  insufficient  passengers or inability to secure seats or accommodation,  the company  will refund the amount of money paid and also pay  compensation as  follows:
- Cancellation Received Cancellation Charges Per Person 

  • 08-14 working days before departure Full refund of tour fare and a compensation of RM50.00 per person   
  • 01-07 working days before departure Full refund of tour fare and a compensation of RM75.00 per person   
  • On date of departure Full refund of tour fare and a compensation of RM100.00 per person    


a. Tour Members' Responsibilities
A tour member must have: -
-  An international passport or other recognized travel documents which   should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of return to  country  of origin;
- The necessary visa and vaccination and health  certificates as  required by the various authorities of the countries to  be visited.

b. Company's Responsibilities
The Company undertakes to: -
- Advise tour members on what documentation is required;
- Wherever possible, assist passengers in obtaining the necessary visa.   However, the company cannot guarantee the approval of any visa   application.

c. Relevant Fees and Charges

Service charges and visa fees levied shall be borne entirely by the tour members.

d. Rejection of Visa or Travel Documents
If for any reason, the application for visa or necessary exit permit is   rejected, a refund of tour fare will be made less administrative fees.

e. Refusal Entry
The company shall not be held responsible or liable for any expenses,   reimbursement or refund of tour prices if any tour member is refused   entry or deported by immigration authorities resulting from the   possession of unlawful items or holding improper travel documents or   other causes, or whose behavior and activities are considered to be   detrimental by a foreign government.


a.  Prices shown are current at the time of publication. Tour  information  and the price list from part of the brochure. The prices  are subject to  change due to increase in airfares, other transportation  costs, hotel  rates, exchange rates, government tax, etc. Therefore the  company  reserves the right to increase prices on condition that it  informs the  customers accordingly before the confirmation of the tour.

b. The company covenants for the following to be included in tour fare:
- Return air ticket, not including all airport taxes and whatever applicable taxes.
- Hotel accommodation, based on: 

  • Twin sharing basic (2 persons to a room);
  • Single supplement (person staying alone-the person concerned must pay the single supplement); and
  • Triple sharing (3 persons travelling together).
    For a group of three persons, accommodation is based on triple sharing basis where applicable.

-  The child tour fare as advertised is  based on a child who is 2 years  but not more than 12 years of age,  sharing a twin room with two adults.
- All meals, sightseeing and other items as specified in the itinerary.
- All Sightseeing tours and transfer are based on sit-in-coach basis.

c. Items not included in the tour fare are:-
i. laundry;
ii. food and beverage not regular menu;
iii. optional excursions;
iv. porterage at airport and hotels; and
v. all items of a personal nature.


No refund or reduction will be made to any member in respect of   airfare, accommodation, meals sightseeing tours, transport or any other   services which are included in the tour fare out not utilized by the   tour member due to personal reasons.


Free airline baggage allowance is provided by the airlines and the   quantum and conditions may differ from one airline to another and from   one airport authority to another. The same applies for hand-carried   baggage aboard the aircraft. The travel agent will advise passengers on   the conditions. Passengers are required to purchase adequate insurance   coverage.


a.  Airlines schedules or local conditions may require sightseeing  tours,  hotels and route to be changed. Should this occur, the company  shall  make alternative arrangement subject to local conditions.


a.  The company reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any itinerary,  or  any reservation made for a client or decline to accept or retain any   person from being a tour member if he is likely to endanger the health   or safety, or impair the comfort or enjoyment of others on the tour.  The company   reserves the right to cancel the reservation if for any  other  reason any carrier, hotel or other contractor refuses to allow  any  participant to participate in the tours. If any of such events, the   company's sole liability shall be to refund to the tour member any   moneys paid, less the amounts for services already utilized, and the   administration and cancellation fees.


The Company and its associated agents shall be held responsible for   services provided with regard to transportation, accommodation,   entertainment and meals, as indicated in their brochures. The company   shall be required to pay appropriate compensation as determined by the   Commissioner of Tourism in cases where, after an investigation, the   Commissioner is satisfied that the services provided were not as stated   in the brochure and in the agreement.

AL-ILMI TRAVEL&TOURS SDN BHD and its  associated agents act  only as agents for the transportations companies,  hotels contractors  and other principals and all tickets, vouchers and  contracts under  which such transportation and other services are  provided. They assumed  no responsibility for injury; damage, accident,  loss, delay or  irregularities that may be caused to person or property  and all booking  are subject to the usual conditions of local ground  operators.

All tour members are encouraged to buy travel insurance to safeguard   themselves against sickness, loss of money, cancellation, flight delays   or lost baggage".

a. All fares are subject to change depends on carrier, local or ground supplier
b. All reservations are subject to room, seat and package availability.
c.  No person other than AL-ILMI TRAVEL&TOURS SDN BHD in writing has the  authority  to vary, add, amplify or waive any description,  representation, term or  condition set forth. Each of these conditions,  shall be several from  the other and it any provision be invalid, illegal  or unenforceable,  the remaining provisions shall nevertheless have full  force and effect.
d. The right is reserved to alter or modify  itineraries and hotel  accommodation in any way necessary in the interest  of tour members or  due to circumstance over which the operators have no  control.
e. The right is also reserved to cancel or withdraw at any  time  bookings made by or for the clients in which event, no liabilities   whatsoever in respect of such cancellation of withdrawal shall fall  upon  the operators, save only that there shall be refunded to the  clients  the monies paid by him in respect of the booking so cancelled  or  withdrawn The transportation companies or firms shall be exempted  from  all liability in respect of any detention delay, loss, damage,  sickness  or injury by whomsoever caused and of whatever kind occurring  of or to  the passenger at any time when the passengers are not on board  a carrier  or conveyance used or operated by the transportation  companies of  firms.
f. All tours are FIT (Free Independent Traveler) which mean  not join  with other group of traveler which the Company has previously  arranged  all ground arrangement at destination in advance for use by  individual  travelers otherwise stated Group Tour or Group Trip Departure  or Seat  in Coach (SIC).
g. All Group Trip Departure/Group Tour are  subject to changes depends  on minimum number of tour member required  otherwise Company will refund  or change the Group Tour Date.
h. AL-ILMI TRAVEL&TOURS SDN BHD  reserves the right to require any person to  withdraw  from the Group Tour if it is deemed that his act or conduct is  offensive  to or incompatible with the comfort of other passenger and   AL-ILMI TRAVEL&TOURS  sdn bhd shall be under no further liability to any such  persons.
i.  The Services made available by AL-ILMI TRAVEL&TOURS SDN BHD can only be  used by  Customers who have first read these General Terms and Conditions  and  accepted them unconditionally by clicking on the appropriate box   provided for the purpose or Customers agree to proceed with the  booking.  It is not possible to proceed with the booking process without  this  acceptance.
j. Customers undertake to fulfil the obligations  contained within these  General Terms and Conditions. The agreement  between Customers and AL-ILMI TRAVEL&TOURS Sdn Bhd comes into force as  soon as AL-ILMI TRAVEL&TOURS Sdn Bhd provides the Customer with the  Booking Confirmation or  an Invoice by email.
k. We try hard to make  sure that our advertisements are kept up to  date, but we do not  guarantee that any of the Package Holidays we  advertise will still be  available at the time of booking. We will  inform you as soon as possible  after you place a booking if, for any  reason, the Package Holiday you  have sought to book is not available.

*All terms and conditions subject to change without prior notice
​*Please contact us for further clarification